Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to make money from RewardingWays

How to earn Money at Rewardingways.com

Help For New Members

RewardingWays only makes money when our members earn money. It is very important that all our new and existing members fully understand how our site works in order to MAXIMIZE their daily revenue :-)

The most IMPORTANT tip we can give you is this - Clear your web-browser cookies every time you complete a new offer.
This is a simple task but is very important and will ensure that you get credited 100% for every offer you complete.

Okay, let's get started .....

How To Earn Money

To start making money please click on the "EARN MONEY" or "OFFER WALLS" menu items at the top of the page.

Here you will see all the different types of free offers we have available for members from your home country.

Remember, our offers are updated daily. If there are no offers for you today, there could be offers available for your tomorrow. So keep coming back and checking daily.

How to earn Money at Rewardingways.com

(2) Select An Offer And Follow The Instructions From Advertiser

Select an offer category - such as "Daily Surveys"
Now, click on the banner or the text and the new offer page will open up.
You must follow all the instructions and complete the offer in full.

How to earn Money at Rewardingways.com

(3) Submit Your Offer To Receive Credit

Once you complete the offer you must click the "SUBMIT" button that is shown below the offer.
When you click the "SUBMIT" button this tells our system to credit your account with money.
Most offers credit immediately.
Some offers credit within 24hrs and some offers can take up to 30 days to credit.
It all depends on our advertisers. If you have a lot of PENDING offers then please see our TIPS at the bottom of this page.

(4) Getting Paid

Some offers are credited in cash. Some offers are credited in points.
You can withdraw your money once your account reaches our minimum payout limit of $1.00
Cash offers can be paid via Instant Paypal or AlertPay
Points offers can only be paid via Virtual Visa Cards, Amazon Gift Cards & Other Rewards.

How to earn Money at Rewardingways.com

(5) Other Way To Make Money At Rewarding Ways

Completing offers is the best way to make daily money at Rewarding Ways.
However, we also have lots of different Contests available where our members can earn even more money every day.
We recommend that all members REFER A FRIEND to our site and earn 25% of everything their friends earn for LIFE !

How to earn Money at Rewardingways.com

Too many PENDING offers !?

This means that you are not completing our offers correctly.

- Clear your cookies after you have submitted an offer. This is very important !
- Allow your browser to accept third party cookies.
- Some advertisers send emails to your inbox. Verify this email to receive credit.
- Please ensure that you complete each offer in full. You must reach the end.
- When you have completed an offer. Click the submit button.

Sign up now and start make money.